Kitchen sketching

Shari Blaukopf's Sketchbook

After lots of travel this summer I’m happy to be back in my kitchen. Not only because I miss home cooking, but also because I like to paint stuff on my kitchen counter.

I’m getting around to trying some of the stuff that I received in the generous goodie bag at the Urban Sketchers Symposium in Amsterdam. My pears were sketched in a watercolour sketchbook made by SM•LT Art. I tried the book first in Amsterdam but I was so exhausted from the heat wave that I really didn’t give it a fair chance. It’s a fairly smooth paper, much like a Stillman & Birn Beta sheet, and it takes the colour really well. Perfect for quick sketches and light washes, although I’m not sure how well it would hold up with lots of layers. I’ll get back to you on that.

I’m also giving a new Italian brush…

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Saturn Structures

Sarah Doughty

“What would it be like if I shed all those masks?
Would you still want to be here?”

My thoughts float around me like moons in orbit. Like a seemingly endless stream popping up and fading away at a moment’s notice. And like the rings surrounding Saturn, I’ve hidden myself beneath layers of masks and façades, hoping no one will see the real me beneath. But then sometimes I wonder, what would it be like if I shed those layers? Would you still want to be here?

© Sarah Doughty

Maybe, I don’t want
to know the answer.

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“Either morality has meaning or it doesn’t.”

Art of Quotation

“The way that the Religious Right has bent and distorted biblical doctrine to support this vulgar man is absolutely obscene. It makes a mockery of their faith and their supposed philosophies.

The moment that Trump insisted on separating immigrant children from their families, locking those children in cages and arguing in court against having to provide soap and toothbrushes to those children, or against turning off the lights so that they could sleep, should have been the red line to any true Christian — or for any human being with a shred of compassion, regardless of faith. But it wasn’t. So, now I no longer know what to call these people.

Righteousness simply can’t be this transactional and situational.

What is the point of your books of rules if you will gladly oblige a man who flouts them? Either morality has meaning or it doesn’t.”

source: Trumpism’s Infinite Vulgarities /

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Cold as ice

Didi's Art Design

cold as ice

Is it clever – to appear clever
And to be paid for it?

Is it clever – to speculate on people
And benefit from them?

Is it clever – to propagate truth
And to hide the lie

Is it clever – to help
And to bath in generousity?

Is it clever – to take
Instead of sharing, giving?

Cleverness that selfishly uses others
Is cold and has no heart

DidiArtist, 05.01.2014

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Where I Want To Be ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

Walt's Writings

As I sit here writing this
Daylight slowly changing to twilight
I feel myself smiling and I say to myself
“This is where I want to be”
My life has been a challenge
Over these last few months
Surgeries and days of pain
Have worn me to the core
My poetry has helped me
Get through the worst of times
And given me
Some of my best times
After all these years
I am finally
Where I want to be

~The Tennessee Poet~

©Walt Page 2019 All Rights Reserved

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Bony Hand – Donna Matthews

Brave & Reckless

the snow is falling faster
now that my sun has set
the cold flakes
land softly on my face
I hear a whistle
a horse whine
a rein snap
my phantom coach has arrived
my time here finished
his bony hand helps me up

Painting by Donna Matthews

Donna Matthews started writing a couple of years ago when her children started leaving her nest. She enjoys writing poetry, prose, and short stories.  In addition to writing, she also loves to read, paint, take pictures, and explore the world on foot. She is passionate about helping others find their voice in both the writing and art communities.

Read more of Donna’s writing at DJ RANCH

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