A Certain Death

Charmed Chaos

Photo Courtesy of: Robert Sullivan

Should someday I find myself alone with nothing left but my words
my soul content, will be at peace my heart will carry no burdens.

For poetry is in my every breath, and all that comes between
this life I live and a certain death both mystery and majesty.

When I see a color stained sky painting a farewell to apricot sun
my thoughts take wing, flying from mind to hands to vellum.

The scent of blooming lavender wafting on the nascent breeze
sets my romantic soul dreaming how it must feel to be a honeybee.

As grey mockingbird sings a joyous creation of what he’s heard
my trembling heart sighs trying to put his music into words.

Though gnarled fingers ache from the betrayal of these aging bones
my poetic words must live on with hope someone will understand.

Poets United: Wild Friday Sanaa…

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