“Why Do I Love Autumn?” (Poem) The 31 Days of October Challenge ~*~ Day 6 ~*~

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“Why Do I Love Autumn?”


Autumn leaves

in bright and deep,

rustic colors

A crisp chill in the air

holding onto a 

pumpkin lattes,

tea, or hot apple cider

with a cinnamon stick

A walk through the woods

in flannel and fleece

warm socks and boots

to protect your feet

Bonfires and football games

pumpkin patches

and apple pie

Strolls along the lake

while feeding the ducks and geese

Driving through winding roads 

and take in the Fall scenery

Carving Jack-o-lanterns

watch them glow 

enjoying yummy chewy smores

Hayrides and corn mazes

pick your own apples

and pretty mums along the way

Hazelnuts and popcorn balls

with scented candles flickering

Summer days may be over,

but I prefer the suns rays touching

the autumn foliage, any day.

BC 2019

Credits: Pinterest

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🍎 October 7, 2019: “Quotes and Food For Thought”

Beckie's Mental Mess

Hand Typed Quote On Vinatge Typewriter by WhiteCellarDoor on Etsy, $10.00


“None of us are born with a rule book or road map. Heck… Google doesn’t have a clue where you’re going to be so, don’t bother trying to look it up.  You start from the beginning and do your best.  If you fail, you just restart again.  Never give up aiming for who you truly want to be, or stop aiming for your goals.”

~Beckie Cutler ~

BC 2019

Quote Credit: Pinterest and Me, Myself, and I.

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What About Us?

Sarah Doughty

“As long as you insist that I’m your happiness,
there’s hope for us.”

After everything that went wrong, and all that’s happened through the years, why do we keep coming back to the start? Do we think the outcome will be different this time? There’s not enough glue to put me back together again. I’m not even sure I was ever whole at all. So why do you keep insisting I am your happiness? I am broken and you can’t fix me. So how can we ever end with a happily ever after?

Your answer is always the same, “Because I listen to my heart.” And until that answer changes, there’s hope for us.

© Sarah Doughty

There’s always hope left.

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