The Fickleness of Autumn

Charmed Chaos

Through the filigreed golden veil of dawn
October drifts in on a seductive breeze
kissing the wavering vibrant leaves,
hovering, unsure of what hues will please
the fickleness of the autumn season.

Mornings fresh and brisk evoke, a yearning
for my tattered sweater, wrapped in its folds
where the faintest scent of last night’s fire
warms my soul in the fleeting cold.

Each afternoon in the leaf scattered garden
dappled shadows grace the etched stone walls
taunting the geckos to come out and play
before the abrupt ending of a perfect fall day.

As twilight’s brush paints the western sky
with an artist’s brilliant palette
blending red, orange, purple and yellow
on the canvas of a deepening turquoise sky
the sun in sadness relents, and sighs a long goodbye.

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Imaginary Garden with Real Toads: When Poets Dream, Lament and Sing

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