Dick’s Sporting Goods Destroys more than $5 million in Semi-Automatic Assault Rifles #News

Bravo to Dick’s Sporting Goods!

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Dicks Photo by Mike Mozart on Flickr

Edward W. Stack, the chief executive of Dick’s Sporting Goods, said in an interview this week that his company had destroyed over $5 million in military-style, semiautomatic rifles and was reviewing whether it would continue to sell guns in its more than 720 stores.

The report comes from an interview with Mr. Stack with CBS Sunday Morning.

One of the rifles purchased by the mass school shooter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last year in Parkland, Florida was bought at Dick’s Sporting Goods. While the gun was not used in that shooting, the revelation had an impact on Mr. Stack and his wife, who met with survivors, and caused them to announce that going forward, the store will not carry the weapons in stores.

The over $5 million worth of merchandise removed from shelves was later destroyed by the company. It cited the…

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