A poem-a-day practice (what is Medskerpedia?) – Interview with Josh Medsker

Trish Hopkinson

Josh Medsker created a project about four years ago called Medskerpedia, and now he has started a new version of this pretty amazing poem-a-day practice–Medskerpedia Mark II. I wanted to know more about this new project, so I interviewed Medsker to find out what he is up to and why he’d do such a thing.

Tell us a little about your project entitled Medskerpedia.

JM: Medskerpedia (Mark I) was a thing I started on July 22, 2015. My goal was to write one poem every day, based on the entry from the Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics. Abecedarian to Zulu Poetry! I got a secret Facebook group together, invited about 100 people, and we posted our work up there, commented on each other’s work, critiqued it and stuff like that. Some folks just chimed in now and again, and some were super active participants. It was great, that…

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