The Call

Laura Denise

~  Let your soul lead you to the water, then set free your heart’s desires. ~

There is something about the sea that calls us. A universal, innate tugging that draws us out toward the coasts. The soft, lulling melody of distant waves like an ancient incantation seems to entrance our long-awaiting souls in psalm. What is it about the Great Water that beckons the land-dwellers to come? What revelations does it yearn to reveal in whispers to each individual in person? When we go, do we even listen?

We are perhaps drawn to the sea for its grandeur, its vast expanse that so powerfully suggests there is more. There is so much more. Much like space, inseparable from creation theories, the oceans challenge and confirm individual and collective beliefs and put us in our place. We are significant. Each of us. We are intentionally created, each precisely as…

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