A box of your words

In mind and out

I found, a faded dusty box.
Inside I found, not faded memories
but those shining as bright as a neon lamp
that I saw yesterday
Suggesting I go in

I opened the box.
And longing for a broken dream jumped out and sat on my heart
like an unexpected jack in the box
given life and lodging in a new home

Inside the box were your words.
I took your words out of the box
and I traveled
in and out of weeks, until the years collapsed
I touched your name like you once touched me
like my every freckle was a masterpiece

I held your words in my hands.
And read each word you wrote me hungrily,
like I was starving
I devoured your words again
and again
Until the paper was torn and covered with bite marks

In your words
I saw myself as you saw me,

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