Tuning into Your Superhuman Potential – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk

Songs of different moods are like keys, which help me enter the world of my book's characters. Amish Tripathi

I had an English teacher who taught grammar with song lyrics. She used printed copies and had the class parse the stanzas while the songs played in the classroom. Grammar was never my favorite subject but identifying parts of speech to popular tunes was not unpleasant.

There are many studies which suggest listening to music aids divergent thinking. It is a technique which uses free-flowing thoughts to generate ideas and solutions in a short time. One study reported that replaying a song multiple times blocks mind wandering and increases focus. Other benefits include reducing stress, improving sleep, reducing symptoms of depression, and raising IQ and academic performance in young children.

With that impressive list, I figured it was worth doing a few experiments. So, I queued my playlists and hit repeat as I composed stories. The results surprised me. While not scientific, I noticed words and thoughts seem to flow better, social media is less distracting…

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Sarah Doughty

“I was petrified of losing you,
so I tried not to love you. I fell anyway.”

I was petrified of losing you as if you were never more than a mirage, so I kept you out. And like the pieces of a chessboard, you took all my defenses and rearranged them, setting new rules. Before I knew it, you found your way in and I was left bared and vulnerable. But you never once hurt me. You wrapped yourself inside all that pain and separation to stand bastion, protecting me. It was far better than living with it all alone.

© Sarah Doughty

I tried not
to love you,
but I fell anyway.

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Sea wife


The alarm is insistent

She shuts it with a slap

And turns around to snuggle in his arms

Rudely jolted into wakefulness by his absence

Reality hits like cold water

She is wide awake and lonesome

Loneliness seeps into her bones, making her shiver

He is far, far away

Navigating his vessel into the falling dusk

With only water for company as he keeps vigil.

As she prepares the kids’ breakfast

She wonders, “Is he missing me?”

Of course he is,

He had called last night

Like he does every night

Never to say this but she knows to decipher his pauses

That he misses her and the kids.

He worries how she will manage in his absence

Forgetting that she works

Like a well-oiled automaton when he is not around

School, sports, music classes, bank, groceries and job

Has been doing it for years now

Everything is taken care…

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When the Heavens Explode

Charmed Chaos

“We all shine on…like the moon and the stars and the sun…we all shine on…come on and on and on…” 
― john lennon

I heard the stars singing last night, an ancient lullaby
sharing their mystical wisdom from high in the nightwind sky

They sang to me their sorrow of man’s refusal to believe
how his actions are harming the earth, and the universe we see

For every action has a reaction like dominoes tumbling down
when you set one in motion, yes the world will still turn around

But the deepest question my friends we should all be thinking of
Will we be around to see it when the heavens explode above?

Poets United: Midweek Motif Looking at Stars

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The Cycle of Life

The Silent Eye

The approach of the autumn always makes me reflect on the nature of life; in particular the way the mysterious essence of life takes form and shape, ‘living’ for a while, then giving up its life and surrendering the elements of that form back to the earth from which it arose.

We all feel the poignancy of life’s seasons, but it’s useful to align ourselves with the processes of the autumn and reflect more deeply on the ‘life lessons’ that nature lays before us… quite literally.

Soon, I will walk in my muddy boots, through crisp and cracking leaves; leaves that, a few short months ago, glowed with the mysterious and magical green of the spring. These days, I cannot help but feel a kind of kinship with their fate, as the inevitable process of attrition by the wind, rain…and my walking boots, crushes them into smaller and smaller particles…

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