Fight your inner demons!

Keep it alive

There are sometimes little prompting in our ears. Are they the little angels guiding us or the tiny devils trying to lead us astray? Living is all about deciding our path at the crossroads of the journey. When we are making the decision of going down a particular path, it is where we pause and listen to the inner voice that is guiding us, usually towards the best decision that should be taken. But not always! Sometimes there are other forces at work leading us on a wrong path!

Being in control of our inner feelings is not always possible. All people have a Good and a Bad ( or not so good )side to their natures. The predominant nature in our psyche has the stronger hold over our thinking and actions.

The two natures are at war constantly with each other for domination over our minds. And it…

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The Feather’s Gift

Charmed Chaos

Beverly Dyer

She gathers feathers and broken blue eggs,

discarded treasures from the birds

A shadow box of wispy memories

are proof that life endures.

Author’s Note:I have been ill and missed the Tuesday Poetics- Art as Inspiration but I loved the art and managed to write one today to share on Open Link Night. Still under the wether, going to doctor this afternoon. Will try to catch up on reading over the weekend, if I am on the mend.

dVerse Poets Pub: OLN #250

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Having Fun by Setting Limits – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


I enjoy writing flash fiction and short stories. Attempting to write a story with a beginning a middle and an end in exactly 100 words, is a real challenge. Every word must pull its weight, helping to develop the setting, mood, plot, character arc and everything else that makes a story successful. Concise, compact writing is the order of the day.

Like William, I use my daily flash fiction to try new things, explore the art of storytelling, test genres and have fun. I take the germ of the idea, write freely, then edit, edit, edit. I spend more time editing than I do writing the piece. Once my warm-up flash fiction is complete, I can start the days writing goals.

How do you structure your writing day?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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2019 Daily Writing Challenge September 5

Jo Hawk

2019 Daily Writing Challenge Day 247

Today Is Day 248 of the 2019 Daily Writing Challenge.

Did you write yesterday? Let us know your Day 247 word count in the comments.


What is the 2019 Daily Writing Challenge? It is simple: Write something every day.

Write a little, write a lot. Just write. You have all day.

It doesn’t matter if you write 5 words, 5,000 words or something in between. The idea is to establish a daily writing habit. If you miss a day, don’t worry. Write today and report tomorrow on your success.

A great journey begins with one step. A great writing habit begins with one word. Go!

Check back tomorrow for the Day 248 Report and let us know how you did.


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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Keep it alive

The lines of communication are broken down

The bridge that was between us now lies

Broken and in shambles, destroyed by us

How have we reached this state where there is

No sharing of thought and no common grounds

Wouldn’t it have been better, if we had talked

Brought out the issues and problems into the open

Had a heart to heart before we reached this stage

The days of silence and brooding have taken a toll

A chasm lies between us, too wide to span with words

Can something repair this destruction and ruin

Can the damage caused by our egos be undone

A question I want an answer to, because it matters

I have written this because all too often we let minor disagreement develop into long-lasting family feuds. Let’s talk to each other and clear misunderstandings before they grow into a serious rift.


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RAINBOW… a poem of reflection

Kevin Parish

I have been the rainbow of yesteryear
Peaking only with the misty spray of the ocean breeze
Across the crevices of boulders scattered early in my life.
I have been the rainbow of my yesterday
Reaching over a mountain range of memories
Only to be lost amidst the cacophony on the other side.
I am a rainbow in the now
Doubled by the beauty of my reflection
Seen in the love of my life, full of conformation and joy.

rainbow over mountain illustration
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