Love is… #Unconditional #Journey #Divorce

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aliceabc0-nature-love-pixabay Photo by aliceabc0 on Pixabay

Love is…

If you were asked to write a few sentences on what you believe love to be, what would you write?

Would it have something to do with caring for the other person? What about being a loyal companion? Would your idea of love include a warm, fuzzy feeling?

There are many ideas of what love is and how it feels out there. I would guess that each person has a unique experience all their own.

However, something I am learning about love, what it is, how to love someone, is actually about myself. I am learning that I cannot love anyone the right way without loving myself first. It is about first accepting myself warts and all, as I am.

Loving myself doesn’t require me to “clean myself up,” or achieve some great accomplishment. Those things don’t make me “lovable.” Those things are…

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