Caterpillars to Butterflies

Roth Poetry

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The Monarchs are reproducing in my zinnia garden at the side of the hose. Last week, I discovered a chrysalis attached to the siding. When my grandson came to visit, he and his grandma found some others along the bottom edge of the siding. A couple were already empty. Today I saw the caterpillar above looking for a place to attach. When I went back later I could not find it. The chrysalises we found were in different stages of development. One was emerging from the shell.  A couple had already hatched out and flown away. I am excited to find this many monarchs, even though the caterpillars stripped the leaves from my milkweed plants.

Caterpillars eat

Milkweed leaves disappearing

Fall butterflies hatch

Chrysalis shells split open

Monarchs’  migration ready

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Photos: Dwight L. Roth

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Every Evening – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


5 Lines – Aflame


Image provided by Patricia’s Place

“Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.”  Rumi

Every Evening

Every evening at the Hare and Hound
they arrived, he first, then she a while later,
and every evening they left together
arm in arm
and burned to the ground.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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Sarah Doughty

“I was blissfully in love with you.
But then reality hit and a part of me died.”

Long ago, you knew me. I was a different person. Happy. Blissfully in love with you. But now, all of that is forgotten. I don’t know who I am anymore. I don’t remember what it was like to be happy. Content. Safe. I was hit with reality and lost everything else. You see, a part of me died. I’m different. Lost. Forgotten. A skeleton of my former self. A jumble of missing pieces that can’t be glued back together again.

This is me now. A memory. And this skeleton is all that remains of me.

© Sarah Doughty

This skeleton has
more than enough
pain to bear.

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Savvy Raj

Few thought provoking sentences that I read..

1: In a 2000 Sq feet house you live in 200 Sq feet; in the remaining 1800 Sq feet lives your ego.

2.The difference between “Time” and “Wealth”. You are always aware at all times how much wealth you have but you are never aware at any time how much time you have.!!!

3:In a book store lie both the Holy Gita and the Koran. They never quarrel with each other. ..The ones who fight in their name are those who have never read them…

4:A true friend is one who tells you the truth which may hurt like salt on a wound; those who speak sweetly are only sycophants. It is a known fact that salt never spoils but sweets spoil very easily.

5:Science claims that when hurt is inflicted on the tongue it heals very fast! Wisdom says that when hurt…

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“America cannot be “first”… It can be a thug and a bully only in the betrayal of itself. It must be … “

Art of Quotation

“America cannot be “first”… It can be a thug and a bully only in the betrayal of itself. It must be itself, a certain idea of liberty and democracy and openness, or it is nothing, just a squalid, oversized, greedy place past the zenith of its greatness.”

Continue to Source: NY Times, If This is America

Roger Cohen, journalist, New York Times, Quotes for Now

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