Tempestuous Sky

Charmed Chaos

The night air is oppressive as lightning flashes in the sky
Zeus wreaks havoc tonight, with his angry bolts that strike.
As a vicious storm comes roaring across the arid desert
huge raindrops hit, plopping onto dry as dust earth.
I close my eyes, breath in forgotten scent of fresh rain
As thunder shakes windowpanes, and brings the wind.

Screaming through the trees is the banshee wind
shaking and quaking their limbs against a stormy sky
birds search in vain for relief from pounding rain
fleeing in black twilight as bright lightning strikes
their silhouettes, shadows on a rain soaked earth
but they find no shelter in the storm tossed desert.

There is no haven of rest in this roiling desert
Nowhere are they safe from the powerful wind
there is nothing but the threat of a flooding earth
and the looming black blinding sinister sky,
no place to hide…

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