Live a Little, Write a Lot

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Live a Little, Write a Lot!

Story bits and poem parts bombard my thoughts on a regular basis…but only when I escape my writing desk and explore the world around, do they grow into full-fledged ideas. Part of my writing regime is getting out from behind the work and living.

I used to believe I had to escape from life to write, an arduous task when I teach by day and write by night and weekends. I’m a mother of three, wife, friend, you name it! Time is of essence, and I used to believe I needed to spend as much time writing as possible. But this drive to write all the time caused three complications: my exhaustion level, guilt from missing family time, and the quality of my work.

  • Exhaustion is something I feel I will never sleep away. It’s the mental tug on my brain for many reasons…

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