Stretching the Dimensions of Your Universe – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


As I child I stared at the moon, marveling at the various shapes which illuminated the night sky. The full round globe and the shiny sliver of a crescent, the shape-shifting planet held my attention. I could not fathom how the sphere projected it’s varying forms. Then something extraordinary happened. A teacher created a demonstration using a basketball, a tennis ball, and a flashlight.  Mind blown, my relationship with that celestial body changed forever.

It led me to question everything in my life. Which of my perceptions were wrong? Which were keeping secrets?  How had I been so blind? The crisis hit me hard, and I had to do, something. I decided I would work on developing my observation skills and I examined my world. I read books, essays, and journals, then I asked questions and questioned the answers.

Even now, I still question conclusions others declare as facts and read voraciously across countless subjects…

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