Nursing the Seeds of Success – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk

Working your land will change anybody's life. There's a proverb that says he who works his land will have abundance. You got to plow the ground. You got to plant the seed you got to water the seed and then you reap a harvest. Tim Story

There are farmers in my family. I have walked plowed fields, maneuver through rows of corn, and when I was a child, I cried when I hoed weeds. I still tend a garden, and while I no longer cry when I weed, it is work. The tasks are basic, prepare the soil, plant the seed at the correct depth, water and wait.

These next steps require patience. The dirt must be moist. Not too wet. Not too dry. Check daily, watch and wait. Seed germination times vary and their environment affects them. Is the ground warm enough? What is the air temperature? Depending on the seed variety, they can take a few days to several weeks to sprout. It is exciting when the cotyledon appears. Or is it another weed?  So, you wait for the first true leaves to appear, and you water. Water, weed, work the land. Pestilence may threaten your crops…

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