Anyone – Poem #06

Salt to Taste

 I’d kill anyone
Who treats you the way I’ve done
For what I’d call a man
You’d call a fool and a sham
But you placed your hand in mine
Proud of the man you stood behind
The more you built me up
The more I put you down
The more you opened up,
The more I stood my ground
Fell for you, made you trip
Wrote a love poem, a plagiarist
A sadist, a crazy rage exists
I can only love with hatred

But I know how to love
Because you gave it all up
No patience drove me crazy
Then steered us back to safety
Switch gears and slowed down
Emptied a clip with no rounds
Situation flipped, gave you respect
Elevated, and flew from the rest
We were pulling our act together
Meant it when we said forever
Two lovers entwined into none
Forget everything we’ve since…

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