Songs Of The Night ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

Walt's Writings

The songs of the night
Give meaning to my words
Melodies of love play
And words form in my head
Music brings back memories
Songs we played, songs we listened to
My songs of the night
Are an eclectic mix
Classic rock, Celtic, new age, slow jazz
Country, ballads and classical
All have a place depending on my day
My choices of night songs
Fill my night with magical thoughts
Words form and move into phrases
Becoming my poetry
The wonders of another time and another place
Are all found in my night songs
My poetry comes together
Thanks to the songs of the night

~The Tennessee Poet~
©Walt Page 2019 All Rights Reserved

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Giving Up to Get Ahead – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


It’s easy to view successful people, entrepreneurs, star athletes, and envy their fame and fortune. They live a dream life, the existence we want for ourselves and our families. We wonder what makes them special and why our desires have not materialized. We don’t consider their path to greatness. Their road may have required sacrifices, no parties, missed movies, waking early, strict diets and forsaking staying out late. They have spent hours, days, weeks and years relentlessly pursuing their vision.

To advance toward our goals, we must make difficult decisions. Focusing on a single target means letting something else go.  In a world where they coach us to “never give up” we can find ourselves forced into a life of contradiction, tension, and lack of progress. We race through an endless list of activities. Exhausted and discouraged we try harder without focus, sporadically work longer hours and condemn ourselves to tread…

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Smoke and Mirrors

Roth Poetry

EER_0700 (2).JPG
A circus of smoke and mirrors
Half-truths polished and shiny
Stretching every word out of context
Smoke screens of the insignificant
Always hiding reality
Behind a cover of lies
Showing only fragments
Promising pots of gold
At the end of the rainbow
False hope in a holey bucket
Filled with wishes and fantasies
Pouring steadily out the bottom
Mirrors in a TV funhouse of fright
Giving only distorted views
Twisting everything out of proportion
Don’t believe the hype
Look beyond the smoke and mirrors
Dig out the shreds of truth
Always remember
What you see is not what you will get

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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In Other Words – Carousel

Keep it alive

Image byskeezefromPixabay

Up and down, up and down
My ride takes me round and round
What fun, what memories we make
Riding on the

The Prompt:

Writea story or poem of5 Lines or Less
Use thepictureand/or theword carouselas inspiration
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In response to:

In other words, Carousel

A Prompt by; Patricia’s place



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Mick – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


Dinkum – RDP – Thursday



“He was a giver of life an alchemist that worked in dirt, seed, and manure.”

Tracy Winegar ‘Good Ground’


Mick kicked the dust with his boots
as a light breeze eddied through,
blue was panting at his side
it had been a long day in the paddock and
his thoughts turned again to home,
another hour and he’d be there
the house all go with kids and dinner,
Deb would have most of it sorted
she was a great sheila,
hard working
a dab hand on the farm,
the windmill groaned a rusty groan
finishing his reverie for now,
time was grinding on,
the light was fading,
night’s chill descending,
contented, he climbed into the ute
and with blue took the firebreak
home to his fair dinkum love.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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The Rock Remembers

Charmed Chaos

“Geologists have a saying – rocks remember.” -Neil Armstrong

What does this rock dream while it sleeps in the sun?

Does it recall wooly mammoths that once trod this land
can the rock remember its birth and how it came to be

Was it once in a green flowing river that honed with gritty sand,
then etched and shaped it into a heart of weathered grey stone

Is this rock’s only destiny to never beat or understand
what loving someone with all your heart means
yet it can remember the beginning of you and me?

Author’s Note: I enjoy collecting rocks, stones, crystals and minerals. I found this one on a walk last year and first wrote about it here: Heart-Shaped Stone

Poets United: Midweek Motif– Not so Old Fashioned Hobbies

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