For Peace – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon




“Anyone could see that this woman is living a nightmare. Except that she goes through her daily life wide awake, knowing that she could make a mistake at any moment”   Nuria Ano

For Peace

She busied herself with
plain, economical movements,
not one could tell of her inner fear
cept for the frown of concentration,
wiping the dust of accusation
he would make were it still there
when he came home,
the sheen of polish protected her
bringing assurances of another
day without trauma,
the clean floors gave her confidence
and dinner already prepared
was her salvation,
to fail was to court danger,
his hands were like club hammers,
so big and matching his growing rage,
causing her universe to fold,
somewhere inside she was still there
but she couldn’t see a future
and so she busied herself for peace.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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