A Dead Man Living

Frank Solanki

I cried myself to sleep

Knowing we’re apart

I woke up in the morning

With a hole in my heart

You are so close to me

Yet you are so far

I wish I could make good

The way that things are

The thoughts in my head are unforgiving

I’m nothing more than a dead man living

I have promised myself

That I will learn to let go

I will try to hold on

To all the things that I know

Sometimes I feel that

Everything’s alright

But I am only kidding

Myself in the night

I am in a state of constant seething

I’m nothing more than a dead man breathing

Should I run back to you?

Should I be running away?

If I change myself would

Fortune turn my way?

One moment I’m hopeful

The next I just quit

I’m fearing every step

Yet I’m scared…

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