Katie Kay

My beautiful readers!

Today’s post is going to be a little different than most, because I have a request to make of you. Though I could ramble on and on about nonsense to pique your interest even more, I’m just going to put it out there:

If you’d like someone to review your materials, I’d love to be that person.

What does this mean? Well, let me share with you guys. Over the past few months, a few of you have sent me your books, and I’ve loved every moment of reading and reviewing what you send. So…

For the people of you who want feedback, send me your books, poetry, etc. I’m not a full-fledged editor or anything, but I really do enjoy getting to know you more through your writing.

What I’m offering is simple: I’ll read your work, offer a review on Amazon/this blog/wherever, and let you…

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Writing Prompt #30

Keep it alive

I am happiest when…….

We all have our “happy -meters

It’s that state of our minds which when reached, indicates the optimal level of happiness.

Some find it in fun, some at work and some in hobbies. I do love food but I cannot say that I am happiest when eating my favorite food only. I need much more.

My happiness needs more factors to be present to be complete.

I am happiest when I am mentally at peace. When there are no problems hanging over my head to be solved. No family member is unhappy about another family member or has other issues which need to be resolved. When there are no pending chores to be taken care of. When there is no rush to get somewhere in a hurry. And when I am satiated on my favorite food.

That is when I am at my…

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Quotes for life- Value of human relationships

Keep it alive

Today I am starting a series. Once a week I will post a few quotes on one subject that think needs thought and pondering.

Today the subject is;

Value of human relationships.

This anonymous quote has said the whole truth about human relationships in a few succinct words. I don’t think we can go wrong if we follow these standards.

Graham Greene a novelist of acclaim who had a reputation of philosophical thinking in his writing has pointed out a paradox. Kindness and lies! But sometimes it is a great kindness to keep the truth from a loved ones. Giving them reassurance and easing their pain and worry.

Pennebaker is a professor of psychology and his interpretation of human relationships is based on experience.

What he has said in respect to human relationships is alas too true. That is why most of us stumble on this difficult road. But the…

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Annette Rochelle Aben

Normally, I write a poem most days and of late, I have not been doing that… I am out of my element and have been since Friday, July 26th, when I was taken, by ambulance to a local hospital.

Surgery was done on Sunday, July 28th and I am now sitting here in the bed with a machine (wound vac) attached to my right leg, to drain the infection out of my leg through the opening in it.

So, I had my sister bring my laptop, so I can stay in the loop as much as possible and I may feel the urge to write at any time. But, when there are nurses, Doctors, aides, etc. who are popping in whenever it is best for them, I have precious little time to myself, except when I am sleeping (which I am doing like a new born baby does)

It appears…

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How to Live Your World-Class Life – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


We hear this advice a lot, ‘Do your best’, they say. But how do you go about it? Start by using yesterday as your baseline. What did you accomplish?  Then identify one item you could improve upon, do better, faster, better. As you are working, throughout the day, let your passion seep into your work and do each task as if you intend to create a masterpiece.

Pretend you live a world-class life. You are the master chef when you prepare your morning coffee.  As the Prima Ballerina, you dance, floating gracefully into the shower, and while you brush your teeth. Coco selects your outfit and accessories. At work, your inner Einstein helps you complete your spreadsheet, while Hemmingway composes your emails, and Dale Carnegie conducts your meetings.

Jillian leads you through a grueling workout, Danica Patrick drives you home on congested highways, and Julia Childs prepares your dinner. Vow…

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