Enjoying the Struggle Not the Destination – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


The internet hums with suggestions to be more productive, run faster, finish the never-ending to-do list. Don’t slacken your pace. Continue to advance to the next great item guaranteed to make our day. We spend our time working hard and achieving our goals. The message is attaining our objectives will bring us gratification. We buy into the mindset, the lifestyle. One by one we reach the target and discover it leaves us without the fulfillment they promised.

If we are honest, we realize real pleasure, fun and enjoyment lie in the journey, the places we see, the individuals we met the lives we touch. The struggle is thrilling. Helping each other brings us an unparalleled joy.  These truths etch themselves on our souls and represent the stories we need to tell. These paths filled with hardship and hope are the journeys our readers want to follow.

How do you celebrate the journey?


Keep on writing.

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