#Haibun: Beach Party

Charmed Chaos

During my early teenage years, I was a surfer girl. On the weekends, my friends and I would pile into an old beat up station wagon and drive down to Galveston, Texas. Ginger’s older brother was our driver and guardian. Those were fun and care-free times with little adult supervision. My favorite recollection of those days was my two piece baby doll swimsuit. It was a brilliant white eyelet lace that stood out against my dark tanned skin. We would surf all day, eat junk food, and at night, fight for space in the car to sleep. On Sunday when the sun was beginning to set, we would pack up and leave, sleeping the whole way home.

hot sun tanned bodies
Beach Boys playing on the radio
catching every wave

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai: #1710 Beach Party

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Eclectic – A Thought

Confab With Me

She wears many shades of love all infused in her radiant smile like a desirous eclectic charm

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Now Accepting Submissions for Guest Barista Saturdays

Go Dog Go Café


One of our missions at the Go Dog Café is to create an inviting and engaged community. In order to achieve that mission, we are introducing new features that allow us to get to know each other, and our writing, better. One of these new features is Guest Barista Saturday.

Starting Saturday, August 3rd we will be choosing 1 or 2 Guest Baristas to highlight every Saturday.  We will publish several pieces of the Guest Baristas pieces of writing and let them tell you more about themselves.  We ask you to give our Guest Baristas a warm welcome.

We hope all of you will consider becoming a Guest Barista. 

To become a Guest Barista, email the following to godoggocafe@gmail.com

  • 3 to 5 pieces of original writing
    • links are OK
    • previously published pieces are OK
  • a paragraph telling us more about you
  • a link to your blog or social media page

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No Slow Seduction

Go Dog Go Café


Knees weak

lust dripping down thighs

sight of your desire for me

too much

for this body to bear

grabbing hair

pulling you to me

hungry kisses

devouring excited tongues

anxious hands

stripping clothing

unneeded interference to skin

no slow seduction tonight

just eager fucking passion

driving inner devils

who kick aside halos and anthems

squash rules with ecstasy’s hammer

blow apart wispy clouds

crack through black night

lightning strikes of euphoric screams

assailing stillness with writhing frenzy

two lovers

blissfully unaware

of any world

but theirs


©MidwestFantasy/Beth Amanda

July 2019


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Conversation – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


Agile – Word of the Dayphoto-1545463913-918cee01fe7c.jpeg

Photo: hauspa.com


So relaxed
comes the anticipated moment
lulled by whale song
now languorous,
the pleasure of flesh on flesh,
a sensual conversation and
who knows its beginning or end,
the two now connected as
her supple hands,
a baroque composition
gliding his meridians
reading his body
responding with verbs,
uncoil his ravaged tension
releasing him to life.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

Paul, pvcann.com

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