Lasting Impression

I Write Her

1Inspired by Go Dog Cafe Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: July 24, 2019

My desire
is always to live,
think, and feel
in an expansive

I want rich emotions.
I want life
to leave a mark
but only
the non-bruising kind.

That’s the desire.
If only
it always
worked out
that way.

Maybe down-on-our-luck
events are
the only ones
where insight
shows itself? 

It seems
this is
how life operates,
whether we like it
or not.

it can’t
even really be enjoyed
but existence
keeps us to the path
of the next unplanned event.

Easy or hard,
accept it or don’t.
Life is always
about achieving
a balance between opposites.

Life is a lasting impression.
May I have passed that on.
How it sticks on us
determines our way
to the end.

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In other words- Improvise

Keep it alive

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Looking into my heart I searched for inspiration

The flow of ideas was scarce and reluctant

Something brilliant suddenly hit my brain

When short on original then do Improvise

The Prompt;

Writea story or poem of5 Lines or Less
Use thepictureand/or the word improviseas inspiration

In response to;

In other words- Improvise

A Prompt by; Patricia’s place



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An Opportunity #Poetry

Poems for Warriors

I didn’t want this
This wasn’t part of the plan
The past is past
Now is all there is
I am not going to squander this
An opportunity to start over
To begin again
With new tools and ideas
With a greater understanding of myself
I know who I am
I know what I need
I will remember me next time
So that I can give you
The very best me

© 2019 Jason A. Muckley

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Seeing Ghosts

Sarah Doughty

“I see ghosts of you wherever I go.
Those reminders are all I have left of you.”

I see ghosts of you wherever I go. In the corners of my eyes, I see you passing by, and my breath catches in my throat. Sometimes I can smell you, that woodsy scent that always made me feel at peace. Or I’ll catch you whispering to me in the space between sleep and wakefulness. Those are all I have left of you. Those are the reminders that you existed. That you had my heart before I ever met you. And beyond my last breath, I will never stop loving you. So, my darling, know that I’m still here. Your memory lives on. But most of all, I want you to know that you saved me.

© Sarah Doughty

You saved me
every day.
And you loved me

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