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Jo Hawk


It happens. Wednesday morning brushing your teeth, you realize you don’t recognize the face reflected in the mirror. Questions pour through the opened floodgate. Who are you? How did I get here? What have I become? How is this my life? Some people perceive deep feelings of emptiness and a sense of surreal dissociation. Others experience heavy depression which threatens to consume the remains of a shattered soul. What do I do now? How do I fix this?

There are no easy answers. One size doesn’t fit everyone. I know we possess great capacity, and unlimited creativity to identify the root issues and devise brilliant solutions. For me, conflict often arises from real-world hassles and the dreaded “should” list. The word “should” has been responsible for condemning me to countless thoughts and actions which didn’t align with my core beliefs. It requires courage to examine the pile, choosing whether to keep or discard…

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One Liner Wednesday July 24-2019

Keep it alive

“You will never know what you are capable of if you don’t test yourselfwith new challenges

This maybe a quote from someone famous and wise. But right now I am quoting it because I have decided to use my new laptop exclusively for blogging rather than my iPad. Wish me luck!

I am sure most of you are already using computers and/or laptops for blogging and this seems strange to you but I haven’t used a computer or laptop to blog and am a bit afraid of getting into some trouble. But bravely I am making this switch.

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One Liner Wednesday July 24-2019

A Prompt by: Linda G Hill



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davidbrucehaiku: this is good advice?

Shimmering Hope

Confab With Me

On the other side of the world a moon is waiting for you with soothing brightness to dazzle your life. And for that moon to arrive never let those spirits go low, for your day will come in the darkest of the night

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