How Lost I Am

Heartstring Eulogies

“How can words express
how lost I am and will forever be
without you?”

And it is here, in this moment, after everything has fallen into silence, that I begin to crumble. It is here when I realized the full extent of your loss. The emptiness of my future, looking forward and knowing you won’t be by my side. As I stand with my hands open, palms up towards the sky, reality crashes down as I know I’ll never know the feel of your skin again. I’ll never know the taste of your lips, the smell of you, or hear the sound of your voice. In that moment, my heart shatters, knowing all I ever knew of you would forever be locked in my memory. And perhaps, that’s what hurts the most — not just losing you, but realizing my future will no longer have you in it.

© Sarah…

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