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    1. You are right about it being in the head but also the heart too! Hope you had a great weekend, My Friend! We got to visit with friends! Has climate change got you in it’s grip? I’m hoping with the heat wave across the U.S. some skeptics may change their minds! Bless You, Didi!!!!

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      1. Thank you, dear Chuck 🙂

        Yes, also climate change has arrived here too, in Finland. A normal summer would give us about 25 degrees Celsius (as it used to be earlier times) and very seldom the temperature has reached a peak of 30 degrees Celsius. Last year we already had more than 10 days over 30 degrees Cel. And the record is incredible 38 degrees – if still there is someone who denies the change, must not be very clever… A bit further in the north of us, about 1000 km northwards from North-cap, there is an island group called Svallbard. I visited there and was shocked how much ice has already melted there. The next species who will disappear from our planet are the polar bears – when the ice is melting more and more, they have no chance to hunt for food. Highest time that man faces really those problems. Some say in about 6 years from now – there is a point of no return… our grandchildren (I have 10) will suffer hard times, if it continues like that.

        Also for you a relaxing time. May God bless you and your family 🙂


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