Craving Time for Battling Cupcakes – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


Walking life’s balance beam is a never-ending struggle. To keep your poise on the girder, requires vigilance, checking your footing and making tiny adjustments. The first step is to identify your basic needs. Do you depend on your weekly Mani/Pedi or can you skip it? How much sleep, exercise, and family time do you need? These key components ensure you maintain your stamina. With these keys on your calendar and your task list current, you won’t miss events, double book yourself or have to pull all-nighters to hit your deadlines, which helps to relieve stress. Still, you can’t control everything, and you will run into challenges.

However, a detailed timetable illuminates pressure points. These are areas where you expect failure. Knowing these situations exists allows you to devise backup plans and identify who might help you. Give yourself permission to say no or defer an activity to a later date. Then commit…

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