Putting Fuel in the Inspiration Tank – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


It seems I am always writing. I have written in doctor offices, hospital rooms, coffee shops, during quiet time as babies napped, while standing in countless lines, waiting for a mechanic to fix my car, while the family watches tv, as I cook dinner and eat and while I listen to blaring music. None of those situations impede my ability to concentrate on constructing sentences, forming paragraphs and reaching for unique word combinations. In fact, the more distractions the more I write. My mind focuses to block the cacophony.

Reading, however, requires solitude and silence. Early Sunday morning quietude, a steaming cup of coffee, and my current book provides a blissful indulgence. Time stretches as the pages turn. Thoughts surge, forming deep whirlpools of unconnected facts, and the well of inspiration fills.

Does reading fill your creativity tank?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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