Whiskey Tales and Spells

I write to let my emotions slowly escape
A drop or two of blood of heartbreak
A sigh of a memory
A whisper of bound desire
A tear of remorse
A caress of lovers’ passions
A blink of anger
A kiss of overwhelming grief
A sip of fear
I write to connect to you, without drowning you
We can feel heartbreak without bleeding
We can remember without hurting
We can desire without sinning
We can regret without crying
We can make love without regretting
We can be angry without violence
We can grieve without losing
We can be afraid without reason
I write to live, without living

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Chat Noir

Charmed Chaos

The last time I saw Paris, her heart was warm and gay, I heard the laughter of her heart in every street café.-Oscar Hammerstein II

When I ache to remember
that wonderful trip to Paris
I find my round music box
that plays my favorite song
~ La Vie en Rose ~ and so
I close my eyes, drift away
back to those magical days,
listening to the sweet music
this priceless little trinket plays.

Once more I am carried
back to all the sights and sounds
the yeasty scent of hot baguettes,
dancing in the aromatic air
the plump chickens roasting
dripping their rich buttery fats
onto petite potatoes with rosemary
swimming in the seasoned pan.

The sensual luscious red wine,
the pungent creamy brie, and
the romantic afternoon we dined
sitting by the romantic Seine
there was only you and I
under a brilliant sunset gilded sky

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