Now in These Troubled Times

Charmed Chaos

And now in these troubled times, the weather too is changing
as if the universe comprehends how humanity is failing

When a black raging storm is coming, animals instinctively know
it’s time to run for safety as turbulent dust heavy winds blow

And though we also run and hide, we hardly ever realize
we are to blame for these dark oppressive times

And so Mother Earth will keep turning, growing hotter and hotter
as we continue to pollute and abuse our precious sources of water

The violent tempests will become more fierce with each passing year
until mankind pays the cost and loses what was once held dear

Yet the fragrance of the blooming red rose will continue to scent the air
and the lone grey Mockingbird will press on, singing without any cares

Nature and it’s creatures of land and sea, and all that implies
will live on long…

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