Skipping Glitzy Gizmos to Reach Your Goals – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


Arborists say the absolute best time to plant a sapling is ten years ago. The second-best option is to transplant one today. Since I can’t time travel, I need to buy a tree, grab a spade and dig. The tree’s species is less important than taking action. My shovel might be borrowed, but a backhoe isn’t required. Use what you have at your disposal. Digging a pit is not an exact science. What is a perfect hole? Does it matter?

We become embroiled in perfection, caught in the trap of possessing the best tools, the latest gadgets, and glitzy gizmos, thinking they are necessary. I am a perfectionist, an expert at compiling lists of reasons rationalizing my procrastination. Instead, I commit to completing an important task and focus on the steps required to finish.

What will you complete today?


Keep on writing.

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