Incremental Poetry ~ 48 Lines

Dark Side of the Moon

When We First Embraced

Do you remember when we first embraced?
Your arms surrounded me, shut out the fear—
of joy you gave me oh, so sweet a taste.

Do you remember when we lingered near?
To me it was akin to paradise,
to be so close to you, your whispers hear.

And I remember well your sage advice:
to slowly walk where others boldly tread,
for caution is a worthy sacrifice.

How many times we chose to talk instead
of giving in to passion’s flaming fire,
for the two of us remained as yet unwed.

Our conversations led us to aspire
to greater depths of true, implicit trust,
and take our friendship up to levels higher.

It wasn’t that we never fought with lust,
or had to stop ourselves from giving in,
for we are weak, our bodies made of dust.

We could not dwell on things that might…

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