American Tradition?


American Tradition?

Relocation of native populations.


Relocation in times of war.


Relocation of detainees.

Presidential orders bordering on inhumanity.

Concentration camps.

There is nothing time honored about any of this.

Internment of undesirables, from Native Americans to Japanese Americans, was wrong, but that doesn’t mean the tradition doesn’t continue in the United States, as seen in the continued incarceration of detainees, particularly children at the US southern border, under conditions that are unacceptable and, more importantly, inhumane.

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Tend The Soul

Confab With Me

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Echoing Bones

Sarah Doughty

“When my bones begin to echo,
know that all I want is your skin against mine
more than I need air.”

And this feeling that washes over me. It’s like a fever. When my bones begin to echo in tune with the ringing in my ears. When the heat rises to the surface of my flesh while my heart beats faster. It’s anticipation. It’s the waiting. The yearning. The need. Growing in the pit of my stomach and prickling over my skin with goosebumps. It’s that feeling when I crave something else to brush across my skin. Your lips. Your fingers. Anything. I want to feel you skin against mine more than I need air.

© Sarah Doughty

So please, darling,
don’t keep me waiting.

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