#Tanka: Two Hearts Together

Charmed Chaos

In the beginning
no spark of recognition
what I remember
a deep voice, a calm presence
warm eyes sparkling in sunlight

brief conversations
daily pleasantries exchanged
eyes barely meeting
as if once we truly looked
we would never turn away

Then came the moment
we could no longer resist
electrifying touches
my matte grey world shined brighter

First date, crab dinner
mouths swimming in blue ocean
cold pitchers of beer
white energy pulling us
into each other’s safe arms

First taste of your lips
sweet as wildflower honey
I’m lost in your gaze
tawny golden mischief shines
your body hungers for mine

a summer romance
now a lifetime of true love
blooming in cool spring
falling into autumn leaves
snuggling on cold winter nights

So many seasons
watching sunrise and sunset
I still see your love
when blue moon shines on your face
and stars dance in golden eyes

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