Then came clarity


953b19fb-6ad5-4d02-a76d-7d910a399902.jpgSitting amidst the chaos, estranged from reality, holding onto fragments of hope and snippets of memories that belong in the past. I was hoping that things might turn out better than expected, but as the night passed by, it brought in clarity; hurtful realizations I needed to release myself from a moment of stagnation.

A hurricane swept the room and my emotions built up a storm. My heartbeats were louder than the music, people were moving fast, and the room was spinning around me. Breathing became a chore. I ran out of smiles to fake. My façade was shattering, but I was held in place by three pillars; the shaking ground could not throw me off balance.

Still, I was calling for a celebration that was begging to be left behind. And so, I left it behind and it’s all clear now.

Held down by your ego, you forgot to find…

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