Financing an Addiction for Reading and Learning – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


Owning books is a joy. I appreciate seeing my dear friends staring at me from their homes on my bookshelves. I relish running my hand across their spins and visualizing the words, worlds, and adventures we experienced together. These are my true companions and I am determined we will never part company. I enjoy reading eBooks and listening to audiobooks, but they can’t compete with the tactile aspects of a real, hardcover book.

I am lucky so many purchased volumes populate my bookshelves, but I also exercise my library membership. It is not unusual for me to have five or six on loan at any point. It comforts me to know that money is not a barrier or an excuse for not reading different genres. The library is a great resource for indulging without making a financial commitment. I am more likely to purchase a book I have borrowed and read from the library…

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