Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

the moon is up in the sky,
The streets are wet after the rain,
I am holding a warm coffee mug in my hand right now,
Trying to ease this pain.

You know, there is a crisp wind on this mountain,
but your love is keeping me warm,
The memory of our conversations,
is like my own personal cheer up song.

Stay with me,
In your mind and in your heart,
Cause baby you are never alone.

Smile with me,
Don’t let tears escape your eyes,
For they will roll down my cheeks , baby just hold on.

At night when I turn down the lamps,
I softly place my head on your chest,
Your arms become my blanket,
Your breath , the lullaby by which I rest.

Then Your voice makes love to my heart,
Singing to me I belong,
It is the most beautiful feeling,
the most…

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