So I Can Breathe

Heartstring Eulogies

“Please, just hold me and love me
and help me let all this darkness go.
So I can breathe.”

These thoughts of mine, darling, they sway to an unheard melody. And, when I think nobody’s looking, I let my body follow along. Those rare moments, when I let them come and go, swaying by with the music are rare, but they’re also beautiful. That’s when I’m not hindered by the darkness that constantly holds me in its grip. That’s when I’m free. That’s when I can finally breathe. In and out. Without the shakiness — the trembling in my bones that reverberate through me. You see, darling, these moments are only possible when you’re with me. So please, don’t ever stop showing me that it’s okay to let my thoughts go and dance on their graves as they fade away. Don’t ever stop loving me. Don’t ever stop this music…

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