Have You Written Today?

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Have you done some writing today? Did you put pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard and cranked out so many words? Will you write today? Remember not to worry about resolutions–they often fail. Simply try to develop a discipline about the craft of writing, and never wait for inspiration. It is the act of writing that creates more writing.

Remember, your writing opens yourself and your readers to the worlds of your imaginations, and that is a true blessing.

Give others the gift of your writing!



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2 thoughts on “Have You Written Today?

    1. Really love your posts on – Have You Written Today!! Great motivation for readers and followers! I’ve been doing Jo Hawks Daily Challenge to write something every day even if it’s only one sentence! That and Dorinda’s exhortation to me – WRITE MORE!! I have that little gem on a loop in my head! Have a great weekend, My Friend!


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