Come Down

Sarah Doughty

“Darling, with you, I forget
what it means to breathe air.
I forget everything but you.”

This love I feel for you drips from my tongue like honey. These words spill from my lips like rain, warm and sweet. All this blood rushing through my veins boils over and turns my insides to steam. A heated anticipation of promises yet to be fulfilled. Of all those sinful things you’ll do after the sun goes down past the horizon and the moon rises into the night sky. That’s when I’ll begin to bloom like a flower. When it’s all building inside me, like everything is reaching its fever pitch. And all I want is to quench this thirst I have for you. All I want is you. Doing what you do to me, it’s like drowning in a sea of sharks. I forget what it means to breathe air. I forget…

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