When Do You Write?

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I have done a blog post before in which I asked where you write, and I have been delighted with the responses and the conversation that developed. I thought, then, that the next logical question to explore was that of when you write.



With my schedule, between teaching at two colleges, tutoring, being a father, husband, and grandfather, it is difficult to plan a particular time when I write. That is one of the reasons I carry a pad and pen with me so that when I find the time to write, then I write.

If I could write, however, when I wanted to, then I would probably work in the later evening. I have always been nocturnal, and I have done some of my best work in the night time.



I am asking all of you: what time do you write?



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9 thoughts on “When Do You Write?

  1. I write whenever inspirations are coming – sometimes they come in situations where normally it is not possible to write them down at once – then I use my watch or phone and dictate the idea that ran through my head and later when there is time and peace enough to devote my attention to them, I bring them down to paper (or into files). In this way fast coming inspirations do not go lost but are safely kept.

    Thank you, my friend 🙂
    All the best

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  2. that is a great question……..when I was working outside of the home I preferred to work 2nd shift because those are the hours I tend to feel my best and have the most energy. I think if I could live the way my body wanted, I would stay up until the wee hours of the morning and write and then sleep until the afternoon! 🙂

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