Eating Cheese Could Actually Make You Live Longer, Says #Science #News

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jez-timms-aged-cheese-unsplash Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash

A new study says that eating cheese can make you live longer… go on.

The more I looked into this study, however, it was done on mice and rats. Isn’t that a main staple of their diet… cheese?

Here’s an excerpt from the news report:

Recently, research published in the journal Nature Medicine found that eating cheese can lead to a longer lifespan…

The study of rats and mice found that consumption of spermidine—a compound that naturally occurs in most cheeses—led to better heart health. High levels of spermidine are particularly prevalent in matured, blue cheeses.

While more research is required to confirm the findings, the study’s author said, “Our results suggest a new and feasible strategy for protection against cardiovascular disease.”

Okay, so it’s not the processed cheeses, that I don’t think really help anyone, and maybe is unhelpful to most people. It’s…

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