THE GIFT…a short story

Kevin Parish

I sat on the park bench I happened to glance down and see a peanut sitting
inconspicuously behind one of the legs.
Naturally, I bent over and picked it up.
Glancing up, across the walking path, I noticed a squirrel suddenly stop
his constant hopping and digging to give me a hard stare of anticipation.

aloud and looking down at the small nugget of gold, that I obviously held in my
hand, I debated whether to toss it over to the little grey fur ball or hold it
out as an offering.

this what we do in life sometimes? We
know what the right thing to do is, yet we hesitate and try to figure out
another path.

Instinct tells me to toss the peanut to the squirrel, so why don’t I do just that?  Is it God whispering to me to toss the small gift, and…

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