SOUND OF SIRENS…(Sung to the tune of The Sound of Silence)

Kevin Parish

Hello, bank vault my old friend.

I’ve come to tumble you – again.

Because my wife spent all of my

And I need to get some more – you

But I’m old,

And my fingers ache much more

Than before.

Is that the sound – of sirens?


Man, Silhouette, Businessman, Escape

In this darkened bank I roam.

I need to get out and go home.

Running down the hall towards the
back door.

I need to get out just a moment

When my eyes were stabbed by the
flashing of blue cop lights.

No, this ain’t right.

Yes, that’s the sound – of sirens.


And in the darkened hall I saw.

Dancing shadows on the wall.

Then a bullhorn said that I
should freeze.

Quickly, I fell down upon my

And I crawled – hoping I could make my way…

Another day.

Away from sounds – of sirens.

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