Amazon Review Policy by MG WELLS πŸ“



As many of you may know, AMAZON keeps changing its review policies, many of which are not helpful to writers or to anyone selling products on Amazon.

Authors rely on reviews for sales and visibility on Amazon since the market is so vast and saturated. Here is the LINK to the current Amazon review policy:

GIF GIRL ON TREE Read Review Green Gold Red

It only takes 15 minutes or less to write a brief review on Amazon. One or two lines is sufficient, add some stars, submit the review and you are done.

It is not necessary to write a lengthy review since most customers look to the stars and do not want to read LONG reviews. As a customer myself, I do not have time to read verbose reviews. Please keep it simple.


I am grateful to those who have written reviews for my books, which I GIVEAWAY on Amazon 3-4 times a year. Both are…

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