8 thoughts on “Beauty of Love – yonniewordpresscom

      1. Chuck,
        I appreciate each time you share, it still means a lot.
        I will never take it for granted
        It’s like your sharing one of my post for the first time.
        That same thankfulness and excitement. -Yonnie💜

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        1. Ahhh, You are you kind and thoughtful, My Dear! I am happy to know that you are still excited to have one of your posts shared with my followers!! I know I always love it when my words get a chance to reach out to more followers than I currently have. I’m like you, always thankful and happy about it!! Your comment is so sweet and makes my week and is so appreciated!!! You are such an Awesome Follower, Dear Yonnie!!

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          1. You are most welcome. The feeling is mutual, I appreciate you just as much.
            Yes, sharing the post of others, is something I miss doing. However, for what ever reason, I’ve been unable to reblog anything for a while now.

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