The Keeper of Secrets

Charmed Chaos

I am the keeper of secrets, and the giver of life. Without me, this garden in the desert would be nothing more than sand. But she saw the potential a long time ago; an opportunity to create an oasis under the canopy of my sprawling arms. She spoke to me and offered me water, and a gentle touch when I needed it most. I’d spent my solitary life ignored and taken for granted until she came along. She whispered her dreams to me, gave my life purpose and meaning. A reason for being.

Over the years, I have listened to her laughter and delight when a new flower appeared from the soil. She has worked so hard to cultivate this earth to become fertile. Tossed in handfuls of worms after fruitless fishing trips. I’ve watched her frantic efforts when the summer sun comes roaring in, scorching this land. Trying to…

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