BrewNSpew Café May 27/2019-Sanity is good?

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We are alway expecting sane behavior. So that implies that sanity is a good admirable quality. Right? You agree?

Of course all sane people will agree! Did you notice, I said all the sane people would agree. But what about the rest of us, the slightly crazy, slightly off kilter and the tiny bit insane people?

We, who refuse to conform to the norms of the society. We, who think that doing things our own way is okay. We who are not afraid to stand up for what we believe in and to speak out for what we think is right! We are not exactly insane but from the standards of a judgmental society we can be seen as ” Not Normal“. Do we care? No we don’t. That’s why. We are thought to be crazy!

I, for one would not mind the label if it means…

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