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Thru Violet's Lentz

now i lay me down to sleep
my daddy’s skull i always keep
beside me on a little chair
remembering when he sat there…

and how he touched me when he did.
when i was just a little kid
too young to know, it wasn’t right
too small, to put up a big fight

he told me it would be alright
his touching me, in the dark of night
but i was smarter, than he thought
and could not wait, till he got caught

i poisoned him with powder that
had killed the mice and then the cat
i fed it to him every day
and waited for him- to go away

not for long, did this go on
as quickly he was too far gone
to stave it off, to save himself-
i killed him dead. all by my self…


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The Most Valuable Gift

Dark Side of the Moon

The most valuable gift
you can give
another person is
the gift of your time

Copyright © 2019 Abigail Gronway – All Rights Reserved

means “an expression of one and all”
Indian form introduced by one of the renowned Telugu poets, Dr. N.Gopi
consists of 4 lines with a total of 20 to 25 syllables
not limited to a particular subject


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Thursday Inspiration #5-Follow me

Keep it alive

Following is an instinct for the children

Till they are old enough to know better

As kids they think that whatever their

Parents do or say is just right and wonderful

Till a time they start to think for themselves

Then they start to see where we are going wrong

There will be criticism and fault finding, just or false

They try to distance themselves from the parents

Trying to discover their identity apart from us

Why do we begrudge them this freedom of being

We did the same when we grew up, and so would

The children coming after them, it’s just how it is

This week’s theme is follow and the picture. Here is the song snippet from “Follow You Follow Me” by Genesis :

I will follow you will you follow me
All the days and nights that we know will be
I will stay with you…

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Pages Torn Out

Please come enjoy this beautiful post!

looking in your window

if time’s hands move at a constant pace

what explains this bumpy ride

some days take eternities to arrive

hauling butterflies of anticipation

stirring giddy images

other days do not knock upon arrival

spinning me round

knocking me down

this day lurks in its approach

in the space of missing pages

recalling a struggle endured

a valiant battle with an inevitable end

its arrival is flanked

by memories dark and light

spirit carried by children

and abounding love from the many touched by a beautiful soul

I don’t want to run

but sometimes I hide

the growth that rides with time

feels stunted late in May

to defend against the steady ache

is a look inside to what’s been learned

hurt remains

but moving on is the only way

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